The people:
Comfort in the wilderness


The dramatic beauty of the environments happens in perfect dialogue with the homely and comfortable guesthouse in which we – Ingebrigt and Turid, your host and hostess – invite you to stay.  It has nine wonderful double rooms with private baths, a nice dining room and a lounge area with a bar. 

The home made food is mostly made from local produce and what nature offers – deer, reindeer, salmon, various white fish, herbs, locally produced vegetables, fruit, cheese, etc.

We will do our utmost to honour your wishes, including special needs concerning diet, or any other matters.  As the saying goes: Your wish is our command.  In principle, nothing is impossible – although the location does present some obstacles.  Mobile phones, for instance, have no reception.  There’s a landline though, as well as access to Internet – and you are welcome to use both should you feel the need to balance things.