The fjords:


The majestic Sognefjord, carving its way in from the North Sea, is the longest and, we may add, deepest fjord in the world.  It spreads its narrow, tentacle side-fjords deep into the mountains – the whole region, in fact, constitutes an immense and incredibly varied system of waterways.  One of these is the remote, practically unknown and absolutely gorgeous Finnafjord – at the end of which is a tiny settlement, wedged between steep mountains and accessible by boat only…

No roads, no traffic, no television, no other sounds than those produced by nature itself – and the odd farm animal (among which three peacocks and a free flying macaw are curious anomalies, environments considered). 

Finnabotn is, in other words, a secluded haven of rare natural splendour, peace and tranquillity – nature’s own offer to the tourist who has ‘seen it all’ and wants to avoid the trials of mass-tourism.

The two farms here were abandoned during the 1960’s but reinhabited a few years ago by descendants from Oslo.  They have respectfully restored the place and transformed the old barn into a small comfortable guesthouse with all modern amenities – and an excellent kitchen to that.